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2010-01-03: Again: the UWP-HDR-Calendar!

It was the first test. I went to the next copyshop to make a printout of my HDR-Calender 2010. This seemed to be harder than I thought. First I have to admit: the PDF is not prepared for printing regarding the colors. I made it on a computer screen, of course. And so it got darker in the prints than I thougt. The guy from Sprintout told me he cannot do anything against this, there is no possibility to adapt the colors before the printout. But what was even ridiculous: their machines cannot print without edges! I told the guy I'd like to have them without the white edges (ok, he cutted them...) but he said, it's not possible to print without white edges. Even more worse: the image haven't been scaled down, no, it has been cut off at the edges, the white edges are covering parts of the original image! I'd say, I'll never go to this store for A3-prints anymore. Today almos every A4 printer can print edgelessly and when I'm going to a copyshop I can expect that their damn expensive machines can do the same with A3 format. Ok, I could have say I don't want the copies in that case, but when I'm ordering something I'm buying it. And: it surely had a value, it was a clear test. And now I know how to NOT DO it! A hint to the rest of the world...

I'll now try to give the calendar to an internet shop to get some better prints. Strange, all people yelling, we, the internet-buyers would destroy the cities when we're not buying at the small shops. And when I'm trying to go to the small shop, it ends in a hell of a disaster. Before you're giving the calendar to a printing shop you should ask them those questions:

1. Is A3 printing possible without edges?
2. If this isn't possible, maybe the image can at least scaled down instead of losing image-parts through cutting?
3. Is it possible to change/adapt the colors before the print so it looks at least a little bit more like on the computer screen?

I'd say, you should at least have 1 and 3 answered with yes before giving the start signal. Maybe there's even a Sprintout shop which can do it? Perhaps the guy just didn't know how to handle those things or he even didn't want to? I really can't believe that those machines cannot handle those demands, they're simply too expensive. Maybe it's not the idea of finding the right store, it can also be the way of finding the right employee who can do these tasks?

BTW, happy new year! :)

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